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Ever wonder what it's like to live, teach and work in South Korea?
This is the podcast that brings you people who are doing just that! Join hosts Scott, Adam, Marco, and Paul as they cover topics and issues regarding living in Korea as well as special guests of real people who are living and working abroad, their stories, and more! This podcast is coming to you from Changwon City, South Korea. Whether you are living in South Korea, have lived in South Korea, or thinking about coming to South Korea, this is the show for you!
Tune in and have a listen for yourselves!
It's LIFE IN KOREA here on K-PoD!

Jun 2, 2019

Summertime in Korea can have it's UPS and DOWNS!

In this episode we'll look at SUMMER in Korea, what we like and what we don't, plus some of the summer events and activities going on all over South Korea for summer 2019!

Scott, Adam, and Marco are joined by guest Michael DeLorenzo (Changwon Culture and Activity Group) to talk about what we each like about summer in South Korea, the things we don’t like about summer here, what we miss about summer in our home countries, the summer weather, things we like to do in summer in Korea, how to beat the heat, and Events going on all over South Korea for this coming summer, 2019.

It’s all about SUMMERTIME in Korea on this episode of K-PoD!

Show Notes

  • 01:31
    An introduction to our guest Michael DeLorenzo and more about his Facebook group ‘Changwon Culture and Activity Group
  • 02:05
    Some things each of us like about the summer in South Korea (Or do we like it at all?).
  • 03:36
    The things we don’t like about the summertime in South Korea.
  • 08:23
    Each of us get into the things we each miss about summer back in our home countries and things we can’t do or get here in South Korea.
  • 13:10
    Summertime activities that you can do here in South Korea and the things each of us enjoy doing during our summers in Korea.
  • 16:12
    Some of the ways to BEAT THE HEAT here in South Korea during the hot and humid summers.
  • 20:13
    A list of summer EVENTS going on throughout South Korea 2019 and some of our own thoughts on each event.
  • 42:10
    Adam sums up all the events that we covered and talked about in this episode.
  • 42:55
    Some events not mentioned in the list before that we’ve attended in the past that we enjoyed.



Michael DeLorenzo
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Instagram - Changwon

Culture and Activity Group -    

Summer Event In Korea Covered in this Episode

Boryeong Mud Festival
Period: July 19-28, 2019
Venue: Daecheon Beach Mud Square in Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do (충청남도 보령시 대천해수욕장 머드 광장)

Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival
Period: June 27 – July 7, 2019
Venues: Bucheon City Hall, Bucheon Gymnasium, Korea Comics Museum, Bucheon Art Bunker B39, etc. (부천시청, 부천제육관, 한국만화박물관, 부천아트벙커B39)

Sinchon Water Gun Festival
Period: July 6-7, 2019
Venue: Jisan Resort, 267, Jisan-ro, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do (경기도 이천시 지산로 267)

Jisan Valley Rock Festival
Period: July 26-28, 2019
Venue: Jisan Resort, 267, Jisan-ro, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do (경기도 이천시 지산로 267)

Buyeo Seodong Lotus Festival
Period: July 5-7, 2019
Venue: Area of Seodong Park and Gungnamji Pond in Buyeo-gun, Chungcheongnam-do (충청남도 부여군 서동공원과 궁남지)

Jeongnamjin Jangheung Water Festival
Period: July 26 – August 1, 2019
Venues: Areas of Tamjingang River and Cypress Forest Woodland in Jangheung-gun, Jeollanam-do (장흥군 전라남도 탐진강, 편백숲 우드랜드)

Busan Sea Festival
Period: August 2-6, 2019
Venues: Haeundae Beach, Gwangalli Beach, Busan Songdo Beach, Songjeong Beach and Dadaepo Beach in Busan (부산광역시 해운대해수욕장, 광안리해수욕장, 송도해수욕장, 송정해수욕장, 다대포해수욕장)

Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival
Period: August 9-11, 2019
Venue: Songdo Dalbit Festival Park in Incheon (인천광역시 송도달빛축제공원)

Tongyeong Great Battle of Hansan Festival
Period: August 10-14, 2019
Venues: Areas of Cultural Plaza, Tongjeyeong and Yi Sun-sin Park in Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do (경상남도 통영시 문화마당, 통제영, 이순신공원)

Muju Firefly Festival
Period: August 31 – September 8, 2019
Venue: Areas of Deungnamju Arena, Namdaecheon Stream, Yeche Cultural Hall, and Jinam Park in Muju-gun, Jeollabuk-do (전라북도 무주군 등나무운동장, 남대천, 예체문화관, 지남공원)  

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Scott is one of the original hosts of K-PoD (formally The Changwoner Podcast) and also the founder and producer of the show.  He is also the founder of Changwoner Entertainment.  He is from Newfoundland, Canada and has been living in Changwon, South Korea for almost 17 years.
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Adam is one of the hosts of K-PoD.  He started as a host last season in 2018.  Adam is from Ontario, Canada and has lived in Changwon City, South Korea for 8 years. 
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Marco is now one of the new hosts of K-PoD.  Marco is from Columbus, OH, United States and has lived in Changwon City, South Korea for almost 3 years.
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Paul is one of the original hosts and founders of K-PoD (The Changwoner).  Paul is originally from England and he currently continues to live in Changwon City where he has lived for the past 16 years.
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