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Ever wonder what it's like to live, teach and work in South Korea?
This is the podcast that brings you people who are doing just that! Join hosts Scott, Adam, Marco, and Paul as they cover topics and issues regarding living in Korea as well as special guests of real people who are living and working abroad, their stories, and more! This podcast is coming to you from Changwon City, South Korea. Whether you are living in South Korea, have lived in South Korea, or thinking about coming to South Korea, this is the show for you!
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Jul 10, 2016

This week James McKeon and Mina Chang sit down at the Changwoner table to chat about the recent gun violence in the US, gun control, the 2nd Amendment, living in Daegu, living in Masan, and more!
Tune in, enjoy, and listen to this week's Changwoner Podcast with special guests James McKeon and Mina Chang.

Show Notes

2:20 - Psy and Gangnam Style.
8:44 - The Ddongchim online video game.  (
10:30 - Where each guest is from.
11:20 - Movies filmed in Boston.
17:55  - The Joker.
23:00 - Accidental deaths on movie sets.
24:50 - The 27 Club.
27:40 - Recent event of the police shootings in the USA.
28:50  - Guns or the people holding them are the problem.
31:30 - Shoot out in Philadelphia.
35:20 - The Right To Bear Arms.
38:00 - More gun talk.
46:50 - Guns in Korea.
57:30 - The Changwoner website.
59:20 - Weapons for hunting.
1:00:20-  Wrestling, the WWE and WWF.
1:09:00 - The Rock and all of his upcoming movies.
1:19:30 - Why did James come to Korea.

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