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Ever wonder what it's like to live, teach and work in South Korea?
This is the podcast that brings you people who are doing just that! Join hosts Scott, Adam, Marco, and Paul as they cover topics and issues regarding living in Korea as well as special guests of real people who are living and working abroad, their stories, and more! This podcast is coming to you from Changwon City, South Korea. Whether you are living in South Korea, have lived in South Korea, or thinking about coming to South Korea, this is the show for you!
Tune in and have a listen for yourselves!
It's LIFE IN KOREA here on K-PoD!

Jun 26, 2017

Summer is here in South Korea and it's time to get ready for the humidity.

It's that time of year again where you are best off finding air conditioning to beat the heat!  In this episode of K-PoD, Scott, Adam, and Phil are back to discuss life in Korea during the SUMMER season.  Each of the hosts will talk about their first summers in Korea, the weather, the pros and cons of summers in South Korea, and what you can expect spending a summer in Korea.  They will also give you some of the SUMMER FESTIVALS you can find going on throughout South Korea.  To end things up, K-PoD will also get into the work environment during the summer season in Korea.

It's the podcast dealing with the SUMMER TIME fun in Korea for this week's episode of K-PoD!  

Show Notes
  • 00:35
    The change of the name of the podcast and why we changed it.
  • 02:33
    Adam tells us about his first summer here in South Korea.
  • 03:42
    Phil's first experience with summers in Korea.
  • 04:25
    Scott gives his first experience with the summer heat in Korea.
  • 06:20
    Korean weather in the Summer!  Dealing with the humidity and the sticky!
  • 09:00
    Some of the pros with summer and the things we all enjoy about summers in Korea.
  • 14:30
    Cons of the summer and the things we don't like about the summer season here.
  • 18:54
    Summer FESTIVALS and things to do during the summer season in Korea.
  • 30:25
    Water parks and other places to check out in Korea.
  • 34:40
    Working conditions and the summer time environment that you can expect while working in Korea.
  • 36:55
    Go to drinks and food found here in Korea during the summer!

Links to Summer Festivals in Korea:
Buyeo Seodong Lotus Festival:
Sinchon Water Gun Festival: Bucheon
International Fantastic Film Festival:
Boryeong Mud Festival 2017:
Ansan Valley Rock Festival 2017:
Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival 2017:
Daegu International Bodypainting Festival 2017:
Muju Firefly Festival (무주 반딧불축제):

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