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Ever wonder what it's like to live, teach and work in South Korea?
This is the podcast that brings you people who are doing just that! Join hosts Scott, Adam, Marco, and Paul as they cover topics and issues regarding living in Korea as well as special guests of real people who are living and working abroad, their stories, and more! This podcast is coming to you from Changwon City, South Korea. Whether you are living in South Korea, have lived in South Korea, or thinking about coming to South Korea, this is the show for you!
Tune in and have a listen for yourselves!
It's LIFE IN KOREA here on K-PoD!

Mar 13, 2017

From Russia, to Canada, to Korea, and everything in between!

Michael Varkovetski is originally from Moscow Russia and moved to Canada at a young age. He joins the podcast this week to talk about his life in Russia, the transition in moving to Canada and why he can't go back to Russia now. Michael also explains how he ended up in South Korea, including this area of Korea, and how Korea has changed his life. Michael is also into motorcycles and explains how he first got on a motorcycle and owning a motorcycle here in Korea!

It's a podcast that goes all around the world and ends in Korea with guest Michael Varkovetski for this episode of K-PoD!

Show Notes
  • 02:00
    Michael explains his unusual name.
  • 03:02
    Born in Russia, Michael explains where he is from as well as his parents, and how they ended up in Canada.
  • 06:20
    Next, Michael tells us why he can't return to Russia.
  • 08:00
    Michael gives his views and family views on Vladimir Putin.
  • 11:40
    Michael gives us his experiences with Korea, when he arrived, and why he first came here.
  • 17:50
    Traveling to India, living in the jungle, and how Michael got into motorcycles.
  • 20:10
    The reason why Michael ended up in the Changwon area.
  • 23:54
    Public sauna rooms and pubic hair?
  • 27:45
    Motorcycles, riding, and more on how Michael got on the seat of a bike in India and continues to ride in Korea.
  • 38:48
    Traveling around Asia and Japan since coming to South Korea.
  • 48:05
    Michael gives us his future plans and what he is going to be doing next.

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